Campaign: Spinning machines for hire!

Compared to hand moulds for manual production, hollow chocolate figures can be produced much faster and more efficiently with a spinning machine. To enable you to test this advantage yourself without making a large investment, we are now offering two spinning machines on a loan basis. This allows you to increase your production capacity at short notice and at the same time test whether this system is suitable for your company. Of course, you can't do much with just one spinning machine, so we will also supply you with 25 different high-quality BRUNNER SE-type spinning moulds.

At the moment we only have two spinning machines immediately available, so contact our customer service quickly by phone under 0049 - 8093/9086-0 or by email at, so that we can discuss the details.


Hacos spinning machine:
Hacos spinning machine


Pomati spinning machine:
Pomati spinning machine


Example of BRUNNER SE-type spinning mould:
Example of a BRUNNER SE-type spinning mould

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Would you like to produce hollow figures yourself?  Or would you like to produce more chocolate Easter bunnies at short notice and you don't have enough production capacity? BRUNNER will be happy to help! We can lend you two centrifugal machines, each with 25 different centrifugal moulds, to increase your productivity or so that you can try this system out.

Gulfood took place from 13 - 17 February in Dubai. BRUNNER was there with two of our representatives on the stand of our new sales partner Aramtec. Here you can read what benefits this brings, especially for customers in the United Arab Emirates.

January of this year sees BRUNNER start a long-term research project with external partners. The aim of this project is to establish a recycling procedure that receives EU certification, so that moulds certified for use for contact with foodstuffs can be produced from used chocolate moulds.

2022 marks a milestone in the partnership between BRUNNER and our subsidiary company Brunner do Brasil. Here you can read what benefits this brings, especially for customers in Brazil and South America.

In one of our recent newsletters we presented BRUNNER’s new universal frame. As well as this universal frame, there is also now another possibility for manufacturing very small series.

Zotter counts among the world’s best chocolate manufacturers, and is one of the most innovative and sustainable businesses in the industry. What experiences has Josef Zotter, founder and managing director of the chocolate manufacturers, amassed in recent years? What does he think about the use of moulds made from recycled plastic? He answers this question, among others, in our interview.

Everyone who develops their own chocolate products knows the problem: you receive one or more individual prototypes, in order to carry out casting tests and test the design. But as soon as you want to use them to produce a larger test series, the problems begin. They are awkward to handle and you need lots of patience to do so. BRUNNER has come up with a solution that makes this situation easier.

The topic of sustainability has been extremely important for us here at BRUNNER for many years now. Here you can read about what we have already successfully implemented in recent years, and also what we plan for the future.

To develop new articles, we're now cooperating closely with our subsidiary in Brazil. For evidence of the successful collaboration between our designers in Brazil and Germany, you need look no further than our new tiger lolly. In this way, Brunner is extending its guarantee of unbeatable quality and modern design to way beyond our national frontiers.


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