Universal Spinningframe BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm



  • BLUEFLEX® Spinningframe 380x295 mm 1x2 article no. UR-0114-1X2
  • BLUEFLEX® Spinningframe 380x295 mm 2x2 article no. UR-0114-2x2
  • DECOPORT Decoration- & Transportframe article no. TR-0002-S/-L


Customised insert moulds consisting of mould front sides (which are designed to be decorated) and mould rear sides





Since 2017, we have an additional BLUEFLEX® series in our product range: The BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm. This is the BLUFLEX® spinning frame in a common one- shot format.

 Modern dosing-lines working with this format have in many cases an extremely flexible configuration. This allows a manufacture of a big variety of chocolates. Besides classical (one-shot) dosing- units, these lines contain units that can decorate (color) chocolates. For achieving this, the dosing head moves in x-, y- and z-axis and decorates with an incredible speed. In order to use these moulding lines for hollow figure production without intensive set- up effort, we developed the BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm series.

Core of the system is the DECOPORT decoration and transport- frame. This frame carries the customised hollow figure- moulds through the moulding line. Usually, just the mould

front sides of the hollow chocolates are decorated.These front sides pass the decoration unit(s), the intermediate coolings and the dosing-unit of the main chocolate within the DECOPORT- frame.





After that, they reach a spinner transfer- area were the mould rear- sides are loaded onto the mould front- sides. Together they will be removed from the DECOPORT frame and inserted into the BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm spinning frame. This unit will then be attached to the spinning machine.

This unit will then be attached to the spinning machine. In return, a completed spinning unit will be removed from the spinning machine and  will be opened. 

Both mould halves together will be put into the DECOPORT- frame  which moves on through the final cooling and the demoulding.


For demoulding the mould rear- side will be detached and will be stapled to be taken back to the spinner transfer- area. The finished hollow chocolates will be taken from the moulds front- sides. Then, they move into a new production cycle within the DECOPORT- frame.


A big advantage of this format 380x295 mm is that a wide range of standard one-shot moulds exists. If you work with these standard catalogue moulds, you save a lot of costs for individual moulds.

The following mould- types are available in the 380x295 mm format:


  • moulds for  one-shot pralines
  • moulds for  one-shot  truffle- balls and eggs
  • moulds for  one-shot  tablets and bars
  • moulds for solids like lollies and napolitains

In addition, you can also use the BLUEFLEX® carrier. It allows a low- cost production of individual chocolates by using single cavity sample moulds. Basically it is also possible to use the DECOPORT- frame with self- sustaining moulds designed in the corresponding format. However, lower costs in the long term, shorter cooling times and a lower level of sensitivity for breakage will rather lead to the use of moulds with 1,5 mm wall- thickness in combination with the BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm frame.

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