Interview with Master Confectioner Veronika Mader

The master students of the Confectioner’s Guild of Munich visited the company Hans BRUNNER GmbH in May 2019. Since decades, managing director Rudi Schwaiger has been inviting the master classes to a works tour in order to inform them about the topic chocolate moulds. During the last Brunner works tour, a student of the master class asked for BRUNNER’s support for the realization of her elaborate masterpiece. Of course BRUNNER said yes!
The director of the product development department, Hannes Zeller, contributed to the extremely successful result by sharing his experience and advices for the design of Veronika Mader’s masterpiece with the topic “forest and nature”. Master confectioner Veronika, who recently graduated, made time for an interview.



Dear Veronika Mader,

first of all we want to congratulate you on your great master piece. You have already known the topic while visiting our company together with your master class of confectioners from Munich.

What was the initial idea?

We had the opportunity to choose the topic of our master’s examination on our own and I immediately knew that my topic should be related with the nature. In our childhood, we were often outside and played a lot in the nature and in the forest. For my master’s examination, I wanted to illustrate the nature and especially the forest in a modern and fresh way but also as a relaxing and diverse place. The deer – which is for me a very beautiful and impressive animal – should be the centre of my master piece, above all other creations. I’ve developed all other ideas from time to time, the colour, the taste and the look had to match with the topic.


How much time do you usually spend for such an extraordinary work?

We created the master piece project within 24 hours (2.5 days) in the confectionery master school in Munich. The time was very short and you can say that it was our major enemy. But we literally “masterd” this challenge. The time that we had to spend in advance is hard to believe. Weeks and months before, I tinkered, experimented and tried out some recipes. I developed my master piece, I rejected a lot of ideas, I followed up some ideas and refined others. I was most of the time thinking about my project, also outside of school. In addition to the master piece itself, you have to create drawings and descriptions, you have to calculate the costs and you have to submit all recipes in written form.


Did you prepare the whole master piece by hand?

Yes of course! I made everything that you can see in my master piece project by hand within 24h.


We especially like the chocolate creations. How did you get to this idea?

The deer, the showpiece, is the chocolate creation par excellence. The ideas for the cake topping (flower on root), or the strawberry on the ice cream bombe  have also been developed from time to time and by spending constantly time with the “material” chocolate. For the flavourful creations, I made a list of all raw materials and ingredients which are growing in the forest. On this list, you could find various blossoms, roots, berries, leaves, nuts and fruits. I combined them in a creative way and tested these creations several times. The final creations for the pralines are for example pistachio-crunchy-layered nougat, cherry-marzipan-praline, raspberry-lemon balm moulded chocolate, cassis-sour cream moulded praline, fir-honey-truffle, almond slices with pine nuts – sounds tasty, doesn’t it?


„Woidgschicht’n“ (in English: forest histories) are scenes or extracts which are supposed to illustrate the forest life, right?

Exactly, and they also show that the forest is not only a pleasure for the eyes; the forest is also a source of food for human beings and for animals. We need to be aware of how precious the nature is and that it is important to save the nature and to preserve it.


The icing on the cake is the deer’s head with its antlers. How did you mould it?

Initially, I tried to make my own mould by taking a deer head ornament, but that didn’t work very well. During the visit of your company, we got into a conversation and you consented to produce a silicone mould for me. Thank you again for your help. The head was primarily poured with milk chocolate coating which I filled into your silicone mould; afterwards, I did the fine tuning with carving tools and breathed new life into it.

The antlers have been modeled with a chopped dark chocolate coating. This coating was mixed in a blender until the consistency is good for modeling. The right timing is very important because you need to work fast and you need to finish the creation very quickly before the chocolate cures. The antlers and the head have been connected together with chocolate. The basic color is made by a spray coating; furthermore, I painted the eyes, the face and the fur with a paintbrush and structured it a little bit.


All creations of your master piece are made of real chocolate?

Yes, everything is made of real chocolate of rather coating. The whole master piece is made of 5 kg dark chocolate coating, milk chocolate coating and white chocolate. You could eat the whole master piece, but therefore, it is too precious.


Please state three things that you associate with chocolate.

Indulgence, Childhood, Singularity


Dear Veronika, thank you for the friendly interview. We wish you all the best for your future!





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