Sustainable operations are key objectives of the Hans Brunner company philosophy. In-house apprenticeships, trainings, long term investments and energy efficiency in the production process are issues, which are considered in our decisions since a long time.


Waste material (e.g. metal, plastics, paper) is sorted and recycled since decades. Our high quality moulds are taking their part in conserving resources because of their long service life. We took another step forward and provide solutions for the recycling of our moulds. Previously, moulds which include e.g. metal parts had to be disposed with costs like common waste. With the "Steinhöringer Werkstätten", a social institution, we have a partner to disassemble the moulds expertly since the beginning of 2012. Plastics, metal parts and magnets are sorted and thus can be used again in high quality applications.


Polycarbonate is separated into clear and colored material and recycled mechanically. This material will be sold to a manufacturer, who is using it directly for the production of his goods, in the near future. So natural resources can be conserved, which would have been used to produce new polycarbonate. Metal parts, like the angles of the Brunner spinning moulds (SE-moulds), are partially reused after reprocessing them or recycled as scrap iron. Neodymium magnets are directly reused. These permanent magnets never lose their magnetic force unless they are exposed to high temperatures.


That is the reason why the magnets have to pass a strictly controlled test- and elimination process before they are used again for chocolate moulds. For the production of Brunner moulds, only new polycarbonate is used. But Brunner is involved in a two year project with the plastics center Lüdenscheid since June 2012 which evaluates the opportunities of reusing recycled plastics.


Your participation in the recycling of your old moulds is as follows:

You tell us the quantity and type (article number, material) of the moulds which you would like to dispose. We check the elements of your mould in our documents and make you an offer for buying up these moulds. The freight costs are shown separately, so you can decide whether it's better for you to send them on your own account.


When we agree on purchasing the moulds, you make the cleaned (!) and packaged moulds ready for collection by our freight forwarder. We are recycling the moulds like described before at our best. We are not able to assess the moulds before we make you an offer and the moulds also could have invisible damages (magnetic force). We bear the risks which are resulting of these facts. But we reserve the right to consider these risks in future offers. We are pleased to confirm the recycling to prove our sustainability program.


We would be pleased if we could support you with our program. For further questions and the processing of quotes our specialist Mr. Peter Mayroth is available. (e-mail:; Tel.: 08093-9086-210).


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