Production expansion - new production hall

A new hall for the production of chocolate moulds is being built at Brunner’s premises. Company owner Rudi Schwaiger is very happy to announce that, in February 2019, a new energy efficient injection moulding machine is going to produce chocolate moulds in line with the latest state of the art. „Our customers can still be sure that Brunner offers high quality moulds at reasonable prices. Once we can slightly reduce the delivery times with the new injection moulding machine, we have reached the optimum,” according to Rudi Schwaiger.

Altogether, midsize mould dimensions will be in focus. Primarily, the aim is to strengthen the segment of moulds for medium-size chocolatiers. Later in 2019, a large machine, which will replace an older production machine, is going to be installed so that Brunner can ensure the adherence to delivery dates. The employees can look forward to a bright workplace with the best sound absorption so that there is no ear protection needed during the production.

„This is also a part of our tasks: we want to offer long-term workplaces, we want to have satisfied employees, that is why we are investing in new buildings with best conditions.” For the entrepreneur from Glonn, it is a given that the new hall is going to be part of the German “Engergieverbund” (in English: energy network). Before buying a new machine, Brunner is checking its energy efficiency. Electricity and heat savings are always an important topic.

In this hall, a measuring room is also integrated. This room is equipped with the most recent machines. Each mould set which is leaving the factory is going to be examined in order to check the dimensional stability and measuring tolerance. A large part of our shipped moulds are going to be used in the production process right after their receipt at the customer’s premises. Most of our customers just check the moulds quickly before they get washed and used in the production process. It is very common that moulds are completely integrated in the working process just some days after their receipt. Here, regular checks and optimizations during the development phase pay off.

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