We still consider the standard in the development of models and chocolate products to be the person, the artist who develops a design that is tailored to the customer's requirements.

In order to meet this great challenge, we employ our own artists and creative product developers who turn your ideas into reality in the shortest possible time. 3D-PDFs or 3D-animated photos help you with this, even in an early stage of product development.

Artistic creativity and manual modelling are supplemented by the most up-to-date CAD and 3D design programmes Digitalisation techniques and CAM integration then ensure a fast transfer to milled stamps.

The design stage is finally concluded by the production of individual patterns. The individual patterns produced from polycarbonate in the deep drawing process  or the injection moulding procedure have a wall thickness of 2.5 mm and guarantee a faithful design of the chocolate products, as they will later actually emerge from the production moulds.

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