Product design via Online- Netmeeting

For the best possible product development and optimisation Hans Brunner GmbH has established an online tool. You can use it at your office. You tell us your wishes and imaginations and you can get a live experience how your product takes shape respectively the impact of changes. Specifications like volume, shell thickness in relation to the product weight and the surface can be determined within a few "clicks"


And this is how it works: we send you the tool by e-mail, which you can start without any time-consuming installation. Alternatively you get a link to the easy download. (Please consult your system administrator before using the tool or the download). Then you get your personal login and password and off you go. You talk to us by voice over IP or telephone and you are able to interact with your mouse. A designer and our product developers accompany you. This ensures a combined realisation of design and technical know-how. Furthermore there is the possibility to integrate additional people to the net meeting, like e.g. your colleagues at various production sites.

After the Net Meeting we send you a 3D PDF file by e-mail, so you can take in the result once again. Or you give us the starting signal and we can start with the production of a prototype immediately. This tool offers many benefits:

  • You can directly see how we transpose your wishes
  • You can intervene in the designing process
  • You can save time and minimize costs with avoiding change loops
  • Because of giving your instructions comfortably from your office, you can save travel expenses and you are able to use the time, which would arise in your journey, for other projects
  • You can involve your team in the decision e.g. by using a video projector
  • The complex and difficult description of design requirements is also eliminated. 'A picture is worth 1000 words"

Give it a try and ask for an Online Net Meeting at your next project.

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