Presentation at Academy of Sweets, ZDS

From the magazine ‘sweets processing’, published in May-June 2016 with the title ‘ZDS in top shape’

On 12/04/2016 at 12:30, company owner Rudi Schwaiger has presented the topic “Online Design Study – Developing a Chocolate Mould Together”

[...]“A rather spectacular display was put on by Hans Brunner GmbH: on the first event day, the company presented a simulcast of a CAD design via video conference with the corporate headquarters in the Bavarian town of Glonn. The data were then converted overnight into a ready-to-use hollow mould.“[...]

Within 30 minutes, a chocolate figure has been developed online and has modified according to the participants’ requests. This has been accompanied by a live connection from Solingen with the Brunner plant in Glonn.


The next day, managing director Markus Gebhart has held a presentation with the topic “Evaluation of the Cooperative Mould Development – Basics of Practical Mould Design”. The result of the model development the day before has been displayed here as a 3D print, plastic- and chocolate sample and  as a single cavitiy (suitable for a Brunner frame system).

[...]“ On the second day, the moulds had already arrived at Solingen, and visitors could take away the finished chocolate figures. At the same time, Brunner had videotaped the entire process to give a review of it in a closing presentation.“[...]

This will be followed by an introduction of the criteria for the development of a new chocolate mould.

Download the complete article as a PDF: ‘ZDS in top shape’

Download a additional article as a PDF: ‘Joint development of a chocolate mould'

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