New ejection methods at injection moulding process

In the injection moulding process, the liquid plastic is cooling down from approx. 300°C to 100°C. Due to the falling temperature the mould is shrinking and sits tight in the injection machine. In the ordinary process the moulds are ejected of the injection machine with ejector pins. Offset pins are integrated in the mould to absorb the pressure.

With our newly introduced ejection-process there is partially no need of these offset pins anymore (pinless). Thereby undesirable material accumulation can be avoided which could lead to a imperfect spots at the front of the mould. In some cases dead corners at the backside of the form can be avoided. This makes it easier to clean and dry the moulds.

Additionally the mould is prevented from notches, which improves the durability. We are now much more flexible with the design of the rear-side ribs because there is no need of integrating offset pins. So in some cases a flatter design and position of the ribs is applicable so they are not placed unfavorable for the article. Eliminating the offset pins enables the usage of much lower demoulding forces, too. So we are expecting shorter setup times and less defect parts.

This process will gradually replace the ordinary one with offset pins over the next two years.

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