„Brunner do Brasil“ – unsere Tochtergesellschaft in Brasilien

End of 2019 BRUNNER GmbH established it‘s first international subsidiary. With the objective to improve and guarantee our client satisfaction, BRUNNER GmbH founded “Brunner do Brasil” with its main company seated in São Paulo to improve the market coverage in Brazil and presence in South America. For that reason BRUNNER GmbH acquired the operational business of “Kakau Design”- a young but well established company in the field of chocolate moulds based in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

While the already existing business will continue to be controlled from Germany, we want to provide a more focused and comfortable service to national chocolate manufacturers in Brazil and South America. For that reason we use the design and production know-how of the former Kakau Design owners and combine it with the long term experience and market knowledge of our main operation in Glonn/ Germany.
The Brazilian Team will be completed by a director that brings an industrial experience in Brazil, including long period in chocolate industry and an assistant who supported us in the last presentations at Fispal and Fipan fairs in Sao Paulo. In 2020, Brunner will continue with the former Kakau Desing business in Brazil, establishing successful relations with new customers and closer relations with existing costumers.
This is one more step for BRUNNER to improve quality and assertiveness with our customers, reacting quickly and competent to their demands.



Ende 2019 hat BRUNNER seine erste Tochtergesellschaft im Ausland gegründet.

„Brunner do Brasil“ mit Hauptfirmensitz in Sao Paulo und einem zweiten Firmensitz in der Nähe von Porto Alegre, wurde gegründet um die Marktabdeckung in Brasilien zu verbessern und die Präsenz in Süd Amerika zu stärken.

Dafür hat BRUNNER das operative Geschäft der Firma „Kakau Design“ erworben. „Kakau Design“ ist ein junges, aber dennoch sehr gut etabliertes Unternehmen in der Schokoladenformen Branche mit Sitz im südlichen Bundestaat Rio Grande del Sul.

Während die bereits bestehenden Geschäfte weiterhin von Deutschland aus geführt werden, möchten wir den nationalen Schokoladen Manufakturen in Brasilien und Süd Amerika einen bedürfnisorientierten und komfortablen Service anbieten.

Hierfür werden wir das Wissen rund um Design und Produktion von „Kakau Design“ mit der langjährigen Erfahrung und Marktkenntnis unserer Hauptproduktionsstätte in Glonn / Deutschland verbinden.

Unser Team in Brasilien wird verstärkt durch einen Geschäftsführer, der langjährige Erfahrung in der brasilianischen Industrie mitbringt. Eine Assistentin, die unser Unternehmen bereits auf den letzten Messen in Sao Paulo (FISPAL & FIPAN) unterstützt und repräsentiert hat, vervollständigt unser brasilianisches Team.

2020 wollen wir die bisherigen Geschäfte von „Kakau Design“ weiterführen, Beziehungen zu neuen brasilianischen Kunden schaffen und eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit des brasilianischen und deutschen Teams aufbauen.

Dies ist ein weiterer Schritt der Firma BRUNNER um näher an seinen Kunden zu sein und schnell und kompetent auf deren Bedürfnisse reagieren zu können.

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The Fipan fair is taking place in Brazil from 19.07. - 22.07.22. We are looking forward to participating together with our Brazilian colleagues! Free tickets for the fair are available for the first 20 persons who send an email to sales@hansbrunner.de with the subject line: "Free tickets Fipan 2022"! More information about the programme can be found here.

Our subsidiary BRUNNER DO BRASIL has been in existence for more than two years now. Since the early years coincided with the pandemic, getting started was very challenging. Since then, however, there have been a large number of joint projects and the cooperation between specialist departments from both countries is also working extremely well. Read more about the benefits of the cooperation.

Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that delivery times are so long and freight costs so high? Of course, this is especially true for customers in non-European countries. BRUNNER intends to tackle this problem with a new project.

Aeschbach is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. We would like to offer our sincere congratulations and are delighted that Jürg Rogenmoser, the Managing Director of Aeschbach Chocolatier, agreed to be interviewed by BRUNNER.

Here you can watch the Interview of Jürgen Rogenmoser:


Would you like to produce hollow figures yourself?  Or would you like to produce more chocolate Easter bunnies at short notice and you don't have enough production capacity? BRUNNER will be happy to help! We can lend you two centrifugal machines, each with 25 different centrifugal moulds, to increase your productivity or so that you can try this system out.

Gulfood took place from 13 - 17 February in Dubai. BRUNNER was there with two of our representatives on the stand of our new sales partner Aramtec. Here you can read what benefits this brings, especially for customers in the United Arab Emirates.

January of this year sees BRUNNER start a long-term research project with external partners. The aim of this project is to establish a recycling procedure that receives EU certification, so that moulds certified for use for contact with foodstuffs can be produced from used chocolate moulds.

2022 marks a milestone in the partnership between BRUNNER and our subsidiary company Brunner do Brasil. Here you can read what benefits this brings, especially for customers in Brazil and South America.

In one of our recent newsletters we presented BRUNNER’s new universal frame. As well as this universal frame, there is also now another possibility for manufacturing very small series.

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