New Production Hall

It was clear even some years ago that Hans Brunner GmbH would develop in a positive way. In anticipation of this, plans were made for an additional area of approx. 900 sqm. The "ProHa2" is currently under construction and will be completed around the end of 2014. This area is directly next to the former manufacturing site and will adequately cater for the increased amount of space needed. Two decisive factors play a role here:



  • The huge backlog of orders and

  • The increasing rate of automation


Customers worldwide trust Brunner quality and are pleased about the many applications and system solutions offered by Brunner. The price-performance ratio is much valued by a large number of chocolate makers and this is reflected in the orders. Motto:  Highest quality and long-life moulds at sensible prices! A little while ago, a much-valued Swiss customer put it this way:

„Brunner is rarely the cheapest company on the first day, but mostly is after one month and is always cheapest after one year!“

We greatly value durability, attention to detail (cooling and moulding the chocolate items to shape has high priority!) and absolute dimensional precision. The increasing rate of automation is a continual process which we began many years ago. The workflow was analysed and improved week by week. The motto here is:


People do the thinking and machines do the work!

Of course, people might also think that the machine would be working when in fact it's not doing it at all. For this purpose all production units were embedded in an information network, permanently displaying all states of the system. In this way, every stage can be monitored and in case an error occurs, the plant sends an SMS to the operator with an error message. We are pleased to say that the number of messages is falling continuously; many production stages are unattended. A cleverly thought out quality system makes sure that no "rule breakers" are permitted.


The production of almost tension-free precision moulds made it possible for us to use pick-and-place systems. A "robbi" takes the moulds from the injection moulding machine, for example, ensures that the laser markings are applied, weighs the parts and then brings them to the welding machine. Magnets are installed there if required, RFID chips used or other fixtures added. RFID recognition in particular is increasingly in demand, as customers can then monitor the entire life cycle of the mould unit and read all the data required.

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