Singer and cabaret artist Guggi Hofbauer sings the new Brunner song

Company owner of Hans Brunner GmbH Rudi Schwaiger saw Guggi Hofbauer singer and cabaret artist, during her performance at the cabaret “Kleinkunstbühne am Schlachthof” in Munich for the first time. He won her over and she recorded the new Brunner song!

Since 5 years, Guggi Hofbauer has been passionately acting crazily adorable characters and in addition singing her pointed songs. In her current solo program “Schluss mit Genuss?! Na sicher nicht!” (in English: No more enjoyment? Absolutely not!), she takes her fans in Austria and in Germany on a journey through a world full of relish. She says: „In my life, enjoyment is very important. What I enjoy the most? Being on stage, entertaining people…and of course: chocolate!”

Quickly came the idea of singing an own song for the company Brunner. Therefore, the lyrics of the German song “Ich will keine Schokolade” (in English: I don’t want chocolate) of the singer Trude Herr (1965) had been changed into „Ich brauch´ nur Schokolade, Pralinen aus der Brunner Form“. (in English: I just need chocolate, chocolates made of Brunner’s moulds). You can hear the Brunner song on the phone when calling the company and it sweetens your call while you get connected.

The cabaret artist, who was born in Vienna, can speak several languages, that’s why she had no issues to sing the song not only in German, but also some lines in English and French. With a lot of talent and emotions, she describes in her song the temptations of chocolate as the daintiest sweets. „I love nougat, full milk, truffles“, she sings wholeheartedly so that you can feel: she has not only the attitude of a cabaret artist, but deep down she really lives it. And of course, the chocolate has to be made with Brunner chocolate moulds. Not only to develop the taste adventure, but also a special seductive shine!

We would like to thank Guggi Hofbauer for the friendly and humorous cooperation. We wish her a lot of success, also for her new stage program which she is going to show in February 2017 for the first time.


Audio sample Brunner-Song "Ich brauch´nur Schokolade, Pralinen aus der Brunner Form" (in English: I just need chocolate, chocolates made of Brunner’s moulds)

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