Moulding the masses

Han Brunner moulds

"The trend of individualisation is increasing and therefore also the trend of high quality chocolate items is furthermore observable. Chocolate manufacturers want to differentiate themselves from their competitors with unique chocolate items (e.g. with own logos, own writing or own designs).

The process involves working out a basic concept with the customer in consideration of different technical parameters such as fracture behaviour, demoulding properties, castability and surface structures. We have our own designers/artists who develop new products and support chocolate manufacturers in evaluating existing designs. 

Then comes CAD-construction and design of the chocolate item for the customer's evaluation. For hollow figures such as easter bunnies and Santa Clauses we often revert to traditional modelling.

Production of stamps and single cavity mould is the next step and after customer approval of the single cavity mould we produce the toolling components and finally the chocolate moulds." After semi-automatic production and special injection moulding machines and high pressure presses, the process is completed by manual finishing and testing.

The company supports all common mould sizes and is capable of manufacturing highly precise moulds such as cold press moulds with extremely tight tolerance. 

Confectionery Production May 2010 - Article as PDF