Mould combination

Thermoformed upper mould half, injected lower mould


There are two different production processes for BRUNNER moulds. During the thermopress process, polycarbonate plates, which have been warmed up, are pressed with high pressure in order to get their final shape. Afterwards, the primary moulds are tilled, and, if necessary, equipped with accessory parts.


During the injection process, melted plastic granules are injected into the closed tooling.


For our BLUEFLEX® frame series, we use both technologies: the frame is an injection mould; the insert mould is a thermopressed part. In this way, you can choose the most appropriate production process for each part so that the whole mould system has the best virtues.


The injected frame, which is geometric, complex and steadier, is consistently used as a standard part and can be used for several systems.

The insert moulds for the BLUEFLEX®-System has to be flexible, the required number of items is low. Therefore, a thermopress tooling is used, which is cheaper than an injection tooling. In this way, the whole system is mechanically flexible and cheap.

Similar to that are the represented personalized moulds:



The lower part is produced during the injection process. In most cases, you need an industrial dosing machine. The upper part is a thermopressed mould half instead of an injected one.


The advantages are:

  • lower tooling cost
  • lower fixed cost for the production (f. ex. preproduction and installation)
  • lighter weight
  • higher mechanic flexibility


The flexibility ensures:

  • extremely good leak-tightness in the joining line
  • lower efforts while twisting
  • an easy demoulding


We would love to develop a suitable mould system for you and to compare the alternatives.

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