Brunner Always in perfect shape

This applies to Brunner's chocolate moulds, as there is perfect interaction between the design of the chocolate products and the technical function of the moulds.

  • This begins with the development of chocolate products -

Artistic creativity and manual modelling are supplemented by the most up-to-date CAD and 3D design programmes.

  • Next, tools for are manufactured for making the moulds -

The latest milling and surface treatment machines ensure a perfect implementation of the designs that can be accurately repeated.

  • And finally, the chocolate moulds are produced -

Manual processing and inspection conclude the partially automatic production process on specially equipped injection moulding machines and high pressure presses.

  • The whole procedure is supported by motivated employees who understand the requirements and demands of the customer and develop perfect solutions with proven services and innovative ideas, so that you can produce your products flawlessly.

As we always give you our best, we, the Managing Directors and the entire Brunner team, are fully behind our products.

However, we will only have achieved our objective when you, our customer, see this in exactly the same way.

Just try it out and test Brunner's moulds - 'always in perfect shape' for you.

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