Material and colour options for thermoformed moulds

As of February 2019, it is possible to produce thermoformed moulds with a thickness of 2.5 and 3.0 mm in different colours. Furthermore, we can offer different materials (different polycarbonate types). This novelty has been primarily developed for spinning moulds for hollow figurines and for one shot moulds. Until now, the option to choose an individual colour or material of single mould sets was not possible due to production reasons.

Thanks to a production process which has been specially developed, we can now produce moulds with individual material selection starting from 250 pieces (double moulds) or more. In that way, different articles can be combined. We can produce for example 5 mould sets à 50 pieces. A minimum order quantity of 250 moulds is the only requirement. One of the advantages is that different mould sets or moulds of different years of production can be perfectly distinguished. Moreover, mould upper parts and lower parts can be distinguished as well so that they can be added to the production process without problems. In addition to that, we can meet individual customer requests concerning special mould features by choosing a certain material. This is how we already precede with our injection moulds. Basically, we recommend particularly robust Polycarbonate moulds (made of impact-modified material) for industrial use. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our project managers who would love to help you.

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