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Welcome to Brunner - one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate moulds in the world!

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EASYTRUFFLER for One-Shot machines

Bild EASYTRUFFLER for One-Shot machines

So far, our Brunner EASYTRUFFLER®-System was mainly used for the production of hollow truffle figurines by using a hollow figurine spinning machine. Now, we developed a solid polycarbonate upper mould with a filling hole. » Read more...

Universal Spinningframe BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm

Bild Universal Spinningframe BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm

Since 2017, we have an additional BLUEFLEX® series in our product range: The BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm. This is the BLUFLEX® spinning frame in a common one- shot format. » Read more...


Brunner - always in perfect shape

This applies to Brunner's chocolate moulds, as there is perfect interaction between the design of the chocolate products and the technical function of the moulds.

  • This begins with the development of chocolate products

  • Next, tools are manufactured for making moulds

  • And finally, chocolate moulds are produced

Our top priority is to guarantee the long-term reliability of our customers' processes with high-precision moulds. However, we will only have achieved this objective when you, our customer, see this in exactly the same way. 

Just try it out and test Brunner's moulds -
'always in perfect shape´ for you.


Chocolate Moulds

Chocolate mould produced according to the customer's requirements   Standard-SE chocolate mould

Ice Cream Scoops


Baking Tin

Ice cream scoops in different colours and with different grip designs   Baking tin

Drinking cups

Drinking cup unbreakable plastic    
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