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Welcome to Brunner - one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate moulds in the world!

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Interview with Master Confectioner Veronika Mader

Bild Interview with Master Confectioner Veronika Mader

Master confectioner Veronika Mader, who recently graduated, was supported by BRUNNER to realize her elaborate masterpiece. She now made time for an interview. » Read more...

Climate Concept Mobility - Part 1 Company cars at Brunner

Bild Climate Concept Mobility - Part 1 Company cars at Brunner

Reducing our CO2 output has been important to us for a long time. The aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions of our own fleet of vehicles by a significantly greater amount and in significantly less time than set out by political targets. » Read more...


Brunner - always in perfect shape

This applies to Brunner's chocolate moulds, as there is perfect interaction between the design of the chocolate products and the technical function of the moulds.

  • This begins with the development of chocolate products

  • Next, tools are manufactured for making moulds

  • And finally, chocolate moulds are produced

Our top priority is to guarantee the long-term reliability of our customers' processes with high-precision moulds. However, we will only have achieved this objective when you, our customer, see this in exactly the same way. 

Just try it out and test Brunner's moulds -
'always in perfect shape´ for you.


Chocolate Moulds

Chocolate mould produced according to the customer's requirements   Standard-SE chocolate mould

Ice Cream Scoops


Baking Tin

Ice cream scoops in different colours and with different grip designs   Baking tin

Drinking cups

Drinking cup unbreakable plastic    
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