Foil Wrapping and Preformed Aluminium Packaging

During the design development phase of a new chocolate product project, Brunner works in close cooperation with the manufacturers of packaging machines.

That insures that the ideas of designers can be realised with the selected packaging equipment.

Foil Wrapping is the traditional way of packing hollow chocolate. Due to the fact that a flat, coiled aluminium foil will be wrapped around a chocolate article, the freedom of design is restricted. This is caused by the necessity that the extremely thin foil needs to be stretched in order to follow the contour of the article to make the look „form- fitting“ or „skinny“.  This stretching however is very limited in order to avoid cracks or unpleasant appearance of the packaging. The design of the article therefore needs to avoid small contour radii and strong ups and downs in the contour. So the ideal article for this kind of packaging has a simple and low structured contour-ideally like a barrel or a cone.

Preformed Aluminium Packaging gives more freedom in the contour design of a chocolate article. The foil is thicker than the wrapping foil. The preforming is done with a special tooling having the same contour as the chocolate article. This creates a perfectly fitting „dress“ (like a second skin). 

For the packaging process the chocolate is placed in one side of the packaging shell, covered with the opposite side and then both sides are looked by bordering or sealing.


 The decision for one of these packaging options is driven by a lot of facts that the chocolate manufacturer has to consider. Here are some of the questions that need to be answered:


  • Which freedom of design do I need?
  • What is the target market segment for the article? How does the product need to appear at the point of sales?
  • Can existing designs be used?
  • What are the quantities per batch and the systematic cost for investment and setting up the process?
  • How are the hygienic and labelling requirements in the target market?
  • How sensitive is the market for environmental issues? (e.g. packaging wasted volume)
  • Which packaging machines are available?


These and many other questions need to be answered by contacting the system suppliers directly.

Brunner can help by offering its expertise during the design development phase. Additionally we provide geometric data and other support for the system suppliers in the realisation phase of projects.


Further information on the issue "Hollow figure packaging" you will find in our brochure "BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS PERFECT MOULDS" on page 14 and 15.

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