Hollow chocolates: moulding, filling and wrapping

Taken from an article in the magazine "Kennedy´s Confection" on November 2013 under the
heading: "Hollow chocolates: moulding, filling and wrapping"

Hollow figures have become a real success in the last few years and are a fantastic way for companies to attract seasonal business and create more personalised products.

There are many different manufacturing processes for creating figures, for example manual flood filling. [...] During the manual flood filling process both mould halves are joined together and fixed with clips. The mould is completely filled and then turned upside down so that the chocolate flows out but leaves a layer of chocolate on the inner mould walls. This is repeated until the required wall thickness is achieved. After filling, the mould is cooled. The base is made by placing the mould with the open side on a layer of chocolate.

[...]The most common method of manufacturing hollows are self supporting moulds. For using these moulds you need a spinning machine. After filling with the required amount of chocolate, the moulds are fixed by integrated metal bar to the magnets of the spinning machine. By rotating the mould and slightly cooling, the chocolate is distributed all over the inner wall of the mould. After 10-15 minutes of spinning the chocolate layer is so robust that the mould can be taken from the spinner and put into the cooling.[...]

[...]Decorating is done with coloured chocolate or chocolate masses. Colouring is done before spinning. Instead of manual decoration a robot can also be used to deposit the coloured chocolate.[...]

[...] Automated wrapping with flat foils is the most common method for seasonal hollow figures. To allow for a reliable industrial wrapping process, figures need to be designed in a way that facilitates easy wrapping.[...]


Taken from the "Kennedy´s Confection" published on November 2013, © All rights reserved. Picture copyright: Hans Brunner GmbH

"Hollow chocolates: moulding, filling and wrapping".


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