Hans Brunner saving energy for a green future

From the February 2015 edition of the magazine, "Kennedy´s Confection" under the headline   "Hans Brunner saving enery for a green future".

[...] "Hans Brunner recently won an award for energy efficiency. When describing the technical details of how they achieved this, Rudi said, "There are a bundle of actions taken. In the past, we concentrated on heat recovery, solar energy, recycling of plastic goods, renewable energy sources, waste prevention and green energy. In addition we started a program called 'Car Fasting – Cycling to Work.' We tried to convinced our employees to go to work on a bike instead of using cars and buses." [...]

[...] "in a lot of coutries there are not too many actions in this field. I have a lot of feedback from central Europe and especially from Germany and people invite me to discuss details."[..]


[..] "We intend to carry on this way as it is important for us to act as a role model for other companies."[..]


[...] "Rudi said that they try to see their company as a whole. Brunner doesn´t look only in technical energy efficiencies but also on simple possibilities to reduce energy consumption." [...]


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Kennedy´s Confection" February 2015 edition, © All rights reserved. Image-Copyright: Hans Brunner GmbH

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