Hans Brunner GmbH was awarded the Energy Prize 2010

Ebersberger Zeitung - 3.12.2011

Hans Brunner GmbH was awarded the Energy Prize 2010 in the administrative district of Ebersberg. With this award, the district featured exemplary ideas in the field of energy saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The Ebersberger Zeitung and the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote a report on it.

Taken from the article 'Säulen der Energiewende' ('Pillars of energy change') which appeared in the Ebersberger Zeitung on 3 December, 2010:


'On the way towards an energy change 2030: For the second time, the head of the administrative district of Ebersberg, Gottlieb Fauth, awarded the Energy Prize 2010. With this award, exemplary ideas in the field of energy saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions were honoured. Fourteen participants entered the competition. 'The applications came in by 10 August', according to organizer Augustinus Meusel. 'The details of the project had to be short, but clearly described, complemented by photographs or sketches.' The jury consisted of Doris Seibt and Hartmut Adler from the working group '˜Energy and Resources', Wolfgang Betz from '˜Ebersberger Sonnenweg' as well as Franz Neudecker and Susanne Kinze from the district authorities of Ebersberg. The first prize, with €1500 prize money, went to Hans Brunner GmbH in Glonn. The company excelled in exemplary energy management.'

Photo copyright: Ebersberger Zeitung, Stefan Rossmann

Taken from the article 'Hackschnitzel für den Nikolaus' ('Wood chips for Nikolaus') which featured in the Süddeutschen Zeitung on 2 December 2010

The head of the administrative district, Gottlieb Fauth, awarded the district's Energy Prize to four projects for the second time - It is a high aim that is difficult to achieve: In 20 years, the district wants to have achieved the energy change and be no longer dependent on fossil fuels and other limited energy resources. The county council made a commitment to this goal at the Regional Conference 2006. In order to get closer to this vision and provide incentive, the administrative district came up with the Energy Prize, which was awarded last Tuesday for the second time. Gottlieb Fauth awarded the prize to four participants out of 14. A jury, which included Hartmut Adler, former Energy Coordinator of the administrative district, selected the winner. The winner was Hans Brunner GmbH in Glonn. This family-run business produces casting moulds from pralines to Nikolaus chocolates. Managing Director, Markus Gebhart, gave the district administrator a sample as a present - presumably to improve the energy balance in his job.'