Hans Brunner:
Focus on injection moulds

Brunner injection mouldFor decades we have been the leading supplier of high quality thermoformed polycarbonate moulds for hollow chocolate figures of all kinds. Our core business is meanwhile creating customised injection moulds for a wide range of products - and we will continue to extend activities in this area,' explains proprietor and chief executive Rudi Schwaiger. To this end the company recently invested in a new machine for manufacturing injected moulds of up to 1,200 mm in length.

Brunner injection mouldHans Brunner can thus supply not only moulds needed for hollow chocolate figure production, but also those required for high precision, fully automated chocolate tablet, chocolate snack bar and chocolates production. 'The new machine enables us to work even more efficiently, and we can further optimise our customers' production processes,' says Peter Heßner, Product Manager and Sales Area Manager Middle East & North Africa. 'In the long term we want to establish ourselves as an leading all round supplier offering a complete range of moulds for the chocolate industry.'

Experts at Hans Brunner see good chances for growth also in regions where hollow chocolate figures are not, by tradition, a significant product. Demand for chocolate on emerging markets is growing steadily, and with it the need for more production capacity. Hans Brunner recently delivered a comprehensive range of moulds for chocolate tablets, chocolates and even hollow chocolate camels to Arabian company Al Nassma, makers of camel milk chocolate.

Chocolate Santas and Easter bunnies are popular in areas with Christian - mostly Roman Catholic - communities, while elsewhere hollow chocolate animals or models of local landmarks are more in demand. Hans Brunner has a huge collection of designs for moulds of all kinds which is a rich source of inspiration. With their own in house designers and artists ready to create customised moulds, the traditional German company is in a position to develop tailor made solutions in response to customers' needs any time.

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