Hans Brunner celebrates its 80th anniversary

From the September 2015 edition of the magazine, "Sweets processing" under the headline "Hans Brunner celebrates its 80th anniversary"

The technical article describes at a brief historical overview the history of Hans Brunner and how they becoming so successfully.

[...] "Company founder Hans Brunner didn´t start with chocolate moulds right away. When he started his business in Munich in 1935 he was initially building mechanical parts such as bicycle tire pumps"[...]

[...]"In contrast to the traditional manufacture of metal moulds, Hans Brunner and his business partner Thomas Hauner began experimenting in 1950 with various plastics for different moulds and models"[...]

[...] "Today Brunner moulds are known throughout Germany and around the world. Brunner has a workforce of some 130 employees and is the world market leader in chocolate moulds with approx. 66 % of global market share."[...]


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