Green electricity

A principle of Hans Brunner GmbH has always been sustainable acting. A lot of measures which have been taken during the past years prove this statement. Fundamental pillars for this are a responsible handling with raw materials, the recycling of used moulds and the usage of green electricity. Recently, another milestone has been reached by buying electricity which has been made in an ecological way from hydropower. This electricity is certified with the “Renewable Energy Certificate REC”.

The “Renewable Energy Certificate REC” is an official confirmation, that a certain part of electrical energy has been produced by renewable energy sources. Here at Hans Brunner, we are using green electricity of “TÜV Süd EE 01” (TÜV = German businesses that provides inspection and product certification services) quality which has been made from hydropower. For every decision regarding the assets of the company, we consider their energetic consumption. That is why we decided several years ago to issue an own thermal discharge concept in order to optimize in an energetically way by investing in new machines and facilities.

Injection moulding machines need a lot of energy, so it was logical for us to invest in those machines as they guarantee a perfect energetic balance. The first machine of this type is soon going to be used at Hans Brunner in order to produce chocolate moulds for conditors and chocolatiers. 

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