Energy Monitoring

Monitoring the energy data on a regular basis leads to a higher transparency, as well as to power and cost saving measures. Therefore the Hans Brunner GmbH started to embed the major energy consumers in an Energy Monitoring System some time ago. Thereby it was possible to identify which systems and machines are not state of technology anymore. For example variable speed pumps can be properly adjusted to the demands of power or heat by wire. The applied system recognizes the requirements and provides - similar to the extrapolation of election results - the required power at an early stage.


Peak loads are identified a long time before they arise and counteracted in time. The heating systems of the buildings and facilities are monitored to reach an optimum in energy consumption. This is done to avoid current peaks, which are ecologically and economically undesired.

The engineers and managers in charge welcome the fact that only due to the transparency of data, a reduction of 10% was realized. Furthermore the extraordinarily expensive peak electricity doesn't have to be used, because it's possible to shift the consumption to a more favorable time.

We are actually able to save 70 kW/month of peak electricity because of the direct technical intervention by the system and the organizational actions, which are developed using the analyzed data. This is comparable to two 2-person households. In other words: with avoiding current peaks, two households can be supplied with free electricity.

Furthermore the electricity demand of the areas touched by the system can be reduced by 3%. This means additional savings of 600 € per year.


One example:
If the outdoor sensor of a heating system identifies drastic decreasing outdoor temperatures and the possibility of night frost, the control unit gives the signal to prepare the heating system for that case. The water, flowing through the radiators of an apartment, will be heated up to ensure a comfortable room temperature.

The Monitoring System identifies a possible bottleneck or peak load by the interaction of the certain consumers exactly in that way at an early stage. So it can take appropriate measures to avoid such an undesirable situation.

A pleasant side effect is that you are able to keep the temperatures at a low level when using systems like that. Excessive heat dispersion and the presence of extreme temperatures are avoided. The plants are working with the best possible efficiency. This preserves the plants and the environment.

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