You can produce your own Truffle hollow figures with the  EASYTRUFFLER®-System and one hollow figure spinning machine. The system combines the advantages of a solid chocolate mould and a blister. The solid upper side for balls and eggs has filling holes which are perfect for pasty or liquid fillings. The blister makes further handlings, for example filling and closing, easier.

On the one side, the system is helpful for manufacturers who have to buy their truffle balls and eggs externally, on the other side, it enables manufacturers to use their specific chocolate for truffle balls. Especially “bean to bar” manufacturers can expand their product range while adhering consequently to their unique concept.

The system is flexible, you can use blisters for an easy handling during further processing or reselling. Alternatively, it can be used in an environmentally friendly way without using single-use blisters.

EASYTRUFFLER® is based on the successful BLUEFLEX® Carrier system, therefore it is also made for further usage, for example the production of hollow figures (from our catalogue or made of own designs) or other individual chocolate articles like chocolate bars, pralines or lollies.
Furthermore, you can also use it with current One-Shot machines.The system is completed with other perfectly adapted accessories so that the production of
truffle balls and eggs is a piece of cake!



The basic system consists of the following components:

  • BLUEFLEX® Carrier frame with a blister carrier as mould lower side.
  • Blister- mould (lower truffle ball side)
  • rigid polycarbonate insert as mould upper side.
  • Self centering EASYTRUFFLER® hole-puncher. This puncher creates the preformed and “perforated” filling hole of the truffle ball.
  • EASYTRUFFLER® blister- stabilizer. This part stabilizes the mould lower side during punching and later while using the mask.


The EASYTRUFFLER® mask is an optional accessory. It additionally fixes the truffle balls during punching and helps to get a clean filling of the truffle balls without staining the surface of the truffles. Later, the mask can be used to fill the hole of the truffle ball in a flooding process instead of a dosing process.

Furthermore, an EASYTRUFFLER® upper mould insert is available for liquid fillings. This creates a special designed filling hole that allows liquid fillings (liqueurs).

Apart from that, a hollow figure spinning mould is required and ideally, a dosing device to dose the chocolate quickly.




The development of the EASYTRUFFLER® system had the following focus:

  • The system is easy in handling and can be combined with existing equipment
  • Thanks to the specific design of the ball, the hollow ball stays steady in the lower side of the mould (blister) while opening it.
  • Due to the design of the ball’s upper side with a sharp defined perforation line, the punching of the filling holes works easy and without high forces.
    The ergonomic hole- puncher is exactly adapted to it and can be easily centered. The punching pins are on a different level. That is why there is less physical strength needed so that the truffle balls are, on the one hand, protected from breakage, on the other hand, the physical burden for the operators is low.

The truffle balls are protected in the blister for further handling and processing (filling, cooling and closing).

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