New plant for large moulds

From the May-June 2015 edition of the magazine, "Sweets processing" under the headline "Hans Brunner with new system for large formats"

The technical article is about bringing a new injection moulding system into service in the eary spring 2015.

[...] "Chocolate moulds manufacturer Hans Brunner GmbH, Glonn, Germany has invested some € 1 m in a new injection moulding system." [...]

[...] "This new system will allow Brunner to produce moulds up to 1.400 mm in length."[..]

[...] "Brunner´s many years of mould production experience have been applied in the new system. The company uses the very latest technologies to ensure that its pricesses are always as energy-efficient, affordable, QM-compliant and ergonomic as possible. The new system accordingly saves more than 30% in energy compared to the former system."[...]


Download as PDF: "Hans Brunner with new system for large formats"

"Sweets processing" May-June 2015 edition, © All rights reserved. Image-Copyright: Hans Brunner GmbH

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