Determining life span through the mould testing machine

Recently, Hans Brunner GmbH has had a mould testing machine at its disposal, which simulates the changing mechanical load in the way they occur in chocolate manufacturing companies. The simulations consist of pounding with hammers, distorting the mould (twisting) and vibrations (shaking). In this way, it is possible to find out how the moulds react without having to subject them to destruction tests. The testing machine is equipped with sensors and the measuring value can be evaluated.
Chocolate moulds that are made of plastic must be able to withstand some loads in order to produce an optimal chocolate product. These loads include:


  • vibrations in order to spread the chocolate evenly in its mould
  • the removal of chocolate articles from their moulds by   
  • twisting and knocking 
  • cleaning

Therefore, we simulate these loads in a testing machine in order to determine which loads are the most damaging for the plastic moulds, and how long the moulds can withstand these strains. The mechanical loads are simulated by the pounding of hammers, distorting the mould (twisting), and by the introduction of vibrations (shaking). The different mechanical loads of the moulds can be flexibly adjusted according to the demand. The restoring forces of the chocolate moulds under pressure are picked up by built-in sensors and recorded in analysable data presentation. Additionally, not only do we closely examine the mechanical loads of the moulds, but we also include the chemical load (cleaning of the moulds) in our tests. By doing this, we aim to understand the effects of the accumulated loads. With this comprehensive approach towards understanding all the loads, we hope to further improve the durability of our moulds. From these findings, we would like to develop yet an additional service for you, our customers. With the help of the mould testing machine, the degree of ageing of the plastic moulds can be determined. In other words, it will be possible to assess the remaining life span of the mould that you are using. This would provide you with information as to how much longer a chocolate mould can withstand the loads of the chocolate production processes. Through this, we would be able to hinder any costly and time-consuming losses of the plastic moulds during production. We continue to inform you about any further developments in the upcoming newsletter.

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