Detection of welded parts

Moulds which are equipped with additional welded parts like magnets or centering pins are in danger to loose these when they are exposed to strong mechanical or chemical stress. The lost elements could reach the chocolate article. Controlling and evaluating the moulds on regular basis are essential to ensure the product safety.

To decrease the risks for the consumer and accordingly the liability risks for the producer, we developed a plastic which is detectable by usual metal detectors. So it´s possible to sort out chocolate articles which are including such a plastic part. We are offering magnet casings and center pins made of this material. Their usage has already been proven to be effective for some of our customers. We recommend the usage of these detectable elements especially for automated processes, where a visual control of the certain products isn´t possible. We send you a sample before you decide to take this solution, so you can try out if the plastic parts are detectable with your metal detector.

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