You can find our product range of chocolate moulds here.

Injection moulds for chocolate bars and chocolates   Doppelformen   Kaltstempelplatten
Spritzgussformen im Onlineshop ansehenInjection moulds for chocolate bars and chocolates
Doppelformen im Onlineshop ansehenDouble moulds
  Cold stamping plates/moulds for the cold stamping procedure
One Shot Formen   Schleuderformen   Kunststoffrahmen
One shot moulds   Spinning moulds
Plastic frames for flexible and firm insertion moulds
Formen für Transferfolien     Transportformen
Moulds for transfer foils/decorative printing
Handformen im Onlineshop ansehenHand moulds
  Transport moulds and demoulding plates
  • Special moulds for decorating or painting using computer-controlled decorating machines
  • Special moulds for filled and wrapped products

The moulds can be equipped with additional components, such as RFID technology, codings, centring devices, hinges, magnets, clips or brackets.

You can download the product catalogues here.

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