Material and colour options for thermoformed moulds

Bild Material and colour options for thermoformed moulds

As of February 2019, it is possible to produce thermoformed moulds with a thickness of 2.5 and 3.0 mm in different colours. Furthermore, we can offer different materials (different polycarbonate types).

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Sealing Compound

Bild Sealing Compound

Years ago, the company Hans Brunner GmbH has introduced moulds with magnets in different sectors. The magnets ensure that two mould halves hold together perfectly and tightly. For some time, we have been additionally offering to “seal” the magnets. Here, the magnets are going to be put into prefabricated notches which you can find on the back side of the mould, and then we seal them with a special sealing compound.

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Interview with Master Confectioner Veronika Mader

Bild Interview with Master Confectioner Veronika Mader

The master students of the Confectioner’s Guild of Munich visited the company Hans BRUNNER GmbH in May 2019. Since decades, managing director Rudi Schwaiger has been inviting the master classes to a works tour in order to inform them about the topic chocolate moulds. During the last Brunner works tour, a student of the master class asked for BRUNNER’s support for the realization of her elaborate masterpiece. Of course BRUNNER said yes! The director of the product development department, Hannes Zeller, contributed to the extremely successful result by sharing his experience and advices for the design of Veronika Mader’s masterpiece with the topic “forest and nature”. Master confectioner Veronika, who recently graduated, made time for an interview.

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Climate Concept Mobility - Part 1 Company cars at Brunner

Bild Climate Concept Mobility - Part 1 Company cars at Brunner

Reducing our CO2 output has been important to us for a long time. Even 10 years ago we invested in heat recovery and comprehensive building insulation. Other milestones followed, such as switching from oil heating to woodchip district heating in 2009, and the use of green electricity since 2012. This allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 80%. But we have also focused on the issue of mobility. For more than 6 years, Brunner has been using a CO2 output limit as a deciding factor in choosing company cars. The aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions of our own fleet of vehicles by a significantly greater amount and in significantly less time than set out by political targets.

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EASYTRUFFLER for One-Shot machines

Bild EASYTRUFFLER for One-Shot machines

So far, our Brunner EASYTRUFFLER®-System was mainly used for the production of hollow truffle figurines by using a hollow figurine spinning machine. Now, we developed a solid polycarbonate upper mould with a filling hole.

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