EASYTRUFFLER for One-Shot machines

Bild EASYTRUFFLER for One-Shot machines

So far, our Brunner EASYTRUFFLER®-System was mainly used for the production of hollow truffle figurines by using a hollow figurine spinning machine. Now, we developed a solid polycarbonate upper mould with a filling hole.

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Fair in brazil 2018

Bild Fair in brazil 2018

Brunner auf der Fispal in São Paulo

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Universal Spinningframe BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm

Bild Universal Spinningframe BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm

Since 2017, we have an additional BLUEFLEX® series in our product range: The BLUEFLEX® 380x295 mm. This is the BLUFLEX® spinning frame in a common one- shot format.

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