iba 2018 – trade fair Munich

Bild iba 2018 – trade fair Munich

Iba - the global leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks, took place in Munich in September 2018. During the trade fair, 76,800 visitors could get information about machines, gadgets, future trends and innovations in over 12 trade halls. For the third time, Brunner Chocolate Moulds exhibited at the iba with its own booth.

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Production expansion - new production hall

Bild Production expansion - new production hall

A new hall for the production of chocolate moulds is being built at Brunner’s premises. Company owner Rudi Schwaiger is very happy to announce that, in February 2019, a new energy efficient injection moulding machine is going to produce chocolate moulds in line with the latest state of the art.

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Material and colour options for thermoformed moulds

Bild Material and colour options for thermoformed moulds

As of February 2019, it is possible to produce thermoformed moulds with a thickness of 2.5 and 3.0 mm in different colours. Furthermore, we can offer different materials (different polycarbonate types).

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Sealing Compound

Bild Sealing Compound

Years ago, the company Hans Brunner GmbH has introduced moulds with magnets in different sectors. The magnets ensure that two mould halves hold together perfectly and tightly. For some time, we have been additionally offering to “seal” the magnets. Here, the magnets are going to be put into prefabricated notches which you can find on the back side of the mould, and then we seal them with a special sealing compound.

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Green electricity

Bild Green electricity

A principle of Hans Brunner GmbH has always been sustainable acting. A lot of measures which have been taken during the past years prove this statement. Fundamental pillars for this are a responsible handling with raw materials, the recycling of used moulds and the usage of green electricity. Recently, another milestone has been reached by buying electricity which has been made in an ecological way from hydropower.

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