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Recent studies prove that the shape of the chocolate is affecting its taste, perception and consistency. That chocolate can make people happy is well known since a long time. But that the shape of it has a significant influence on the taste of the chocolate is a novelty.

Studies are proving what many have guessed already. Even though the cocoa paste in 10 different shapes was exactly the same, the researchers noticed significant differences in the sensation of melting and homogeneity. Also the sensation of cocoa and caramel flavor is showing small differences.

Round and angular shapes are favorable impacting consistency and melt of the chocolate, while the taste benefits from wing and sail shapes. Also surface texture and thickness of the chocolate bar play a role while enjoying it.

For dark chocolate our “Tablet with cocoa pod” (HB-9014-S) is particularly suitable because it is supporting the pleasantly bitter flavor with a low height of 6mm and a matte surface. Additionally the angular shape improves the consistency and melting of the chocolate.

For filled chocolate bars our product “Cream tablet” (HB-9007-S) is an advantage for the taste. By the slightly sail shape the piece of chocolate fits perfectly to the palate. The chocolate is melting and distributes evenly in the mouth.

Source: LWT Food Science and Technology Vol. 51, Iss. 2, may 2013, pp 545-552
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