Brunner Climate Mobility - environmentally friendly travel planning

At Brunner, depending on the destination, there are clear selection criteria for the choice of a climate compatible means of transport for official journeys. Each employee is obliged to take these criteria into account with travel planning. Initially, as first step, the most environmentally friendly type of travel is selected.

The following order of priority applies:                         

  1. Train and long-distance bus
  2. Motorcar (preferably an electric car)
  3. Aeroplane

For certain destinations such as Berlin, Freiburg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt and Hanover (including surrounding area) the use of the railway is prescribed explicitly.

If the duration of the travelling time results in clear advantages for the selection of a transport means of lower priority, this may also be used. For this purpose the "door-to-door" times of the various options are compared. With this comparison, however, utilisation times are deducted in favour of rail/long-distance bus (30%) and aeroplane (15%). The thought behind this is that with these means of transport the travel times can be used for work or recuperation to the benefit of the company.

Furthermore, a means of transport of lower priority can be utilised if, through this, an overnight stay or the making of a journey in unreasonable periods of time (between 2200h and 0500h) can be avoided. If, with this, the choice falls to a motorcar, the company management in almost all cases makes available an electric vehicle, which is suitable for long distances (Tesla with access to the "Supercharger" network).

Our experience;

The most important point was the obligation to environmentally friendly travel planning as such. Through this, the automatism of the use of the motorcar as transport means is abrogated. Initially there were admittedly reservations which, however, had more to do with the fact that the change meant the abandonment of the usual behaviour patterns. The application of these rules has led to more and more employees developing into convinced rail passengers. The purchase of rail cards also showed itself to be very helpful in establishing rail travel as an alternative to the motor car.

A recipe for success is also the pragmatic approach. At the same time every contribution to environmentally friendly action counts. Even if one employee makes only 3 journeys out of 10 by rail instead of using the motorcar, this is a 30% saving of CO2 related to this travel activity.

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