Climate Concept Mobility - Part 1 Company cars at Brunner

Reducing our CO2 output has been important to us for a long time. Even 10 years ago we invested in heat recovery and comprehensive building insulation. Other milestones followed, such as switching from oil heating to woodchip district heating in 2009, and the use of green electricity since 2012. This allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 80%.

But we have also focused on the issue of mobility. For more than 6 years, Brunner has been using a CO2 output limit as a deciding factor in choosing company cars. The aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions of our own fleet of vehicles by a significantly greater amount and in significantly less time than set out by political targets.  In this way, the CO2 output of our fleet has been almost halved since 2013. While the average output in 2013 was still above 160 g/km, it was definitively less than 90 g/km at the end of 2018.


 This was achieved through the following measures:

  1. Definition of a maximum permissible CO2 output for the purchase of new vehicles, which has been lowered over the years.
  2. Purchasing pure electric vehicles combined with the use of green electricity.

Today almost a third of our company fleet already consists of electric vehicles.

We will continue to implement both of these measures and continue to promote the purchasing of purely electric vehicles. Combustion engine vehicles are soon likely to become obsolete, and we consider hybrid vehicles as medium-term interim solution.


Management at Brunner is already exclusively using electric company vehicles. The cars are interchanged depending on the purpose of the journey:

An i3 from BMW for regular commutes or short to medium journeys, and for longer journeys a Tesla, which is perfectly suited to long distances thanks to its excellent quick-charging infrastructure (supercharger). Both cars are also available to employees for customer or supplier visits.

Other practical measures, such as reducing car journeys and our criteria for selecting modes of transport will be presented in our next newsletter.

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