Baking Moulds

Compared to metal baking moulds, our baking moulds cannot corrode due to the fact that the whole baking mould is made of plastic. There is no danger that the surface gets damaged and that the baking moulds get rusty. Furthermore, these moulds are lighter and do not need as much baking energy as metal baking moulds and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. From now on, we are adding to our standard product range a new baking mould – a “Tarte” mould. Please click on the following link to get to our Catalogue part  "Baking Moulds" to get to our entire product range in our online shop.

In the baking industry, there have already existed some systems which contain plastic insets in metal frames. The big advantage is the quick reproducibility of the insets through automatic injection processes. In that way, complexly shaped baking moulds can also be produced. In addition to it, the price can be considerably decreased by savings regarding the material costs. We are going to conduct a presentation in order to give you more information about this topic. This presentation is going to take place at the “FORUM Feine Backwaren” at the ZDS in Solingen from 15 – 16 February 2018 

or you can contact our customer service.

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