Baking Moulds

Our plastic baking moulds made of LCP have similar non-stick properties to metal baking moulds. But the advantage is that this property is preserved when the surface is damaged. This means, that the forms do not get rusty or lose any coating. Plastic is easier to process and can be brought in any shape desired by the customer.

The moulds stand temperatures up to above 230° and can easily be cleaned in the dish washer or other cleaning devices. The moulds fit easily in the hand, are lighter than metal moulds and create less noise in the bakery.

Practical experiences show, that the temperatures resp. the baking time can get decreased by about 10% compared to metal baking moulds. Another possibility to decrease the baking time is to use this form in the microwave. The innovative material is already used in other cooking and baking applications. It is self-extinguishing - so it can only burn with an external energy supply. After use it can be recycled completely resp. burned without leaving any residues. 


Guglhupf mit Verpackung
Guglhupf mit Verpackung
The packaging of the baking form was developed especially for the Hans Brunner GmbH. The cardboard shell has been reduced to a minimum to avoid waste. It is designed to prevent the forms from having contact and this avoids damages. Furthermore the packaged form is stackable and minimizes the storage consumption thereby. The sale of the forms in this individual packaging starts from 16th September with the iba in Munich >> Onlineshop

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