Professional ice cream scoops with optimal grip design

Professional ice cream scoops made by Brunner - a product that has been used in ice cream parlours, patisseries, bakeries and private households for over 50 years.

In addition to a long life and a variety of fields of application, our ice cream scoops are particularly appealing due to their optimal grip design made from special plastic. Numerous sizes, fashionable colours and the option of right or left-handed scoops are available to you in our product range.


Schokoladenformen im Brunner Onlineshop You can order the full range of our ice cream scoops in Brunner's online shop.

Properties of our professional ice cream scoops: 

  • they sit exceptionally well in the hand
  • light, comfortable and arm-friendly operation
  • no cooling of the hand
  • long life
  • maintenance free
Use of ice cream scoops Use of ice cream scoops Use of ice cream scoops Midnight blue ice cream scoops

In addition to scooping ice cream, our professional ice cream scoops are also suitable for cream cheese decorating, for serving rice and desserts.

The ice cream scoops are available in the following sizes:

1/12 l, 1/16 l, 1/20 l, 1/24 l, 1/30 l, 1/36 l, 1/40 l, 1/45 l, 1/50 l, 1/55 l, 1/60 l, 1/65 l and 1/70 l.

You can obtain further information in our product catalogue or on request.

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