For quite some time, the company BRUNNER has been dealing with the topic 3D-print. First of all, considering the growing “hype” about this topic, it is important to know how this technology can be used profitably for projects concerning chocolate moulds.


One big advantage during the production of new chocolate articles is, that with a 3D-print, you can quickly evaluate and show on the one hand the size, proportions, aesthetic, haptic and the packaging of the article, and on the other hand how to wrap it. Everywhere around the world, there are service providers for 3D-prints, so that you don’t have to buy one for yourself.



size 1:3 new mould concept

Nevertheless, in practice, you shouldn’t underestimate the cost factor, especially if you want to print high-quality surfaces.

However, the printing processes generally don't have the same results compared to a sample article which is made of a common single stamping mould.

Concerning the functional evaluation of the transport and counter moulds' cavities, this printing process is perfect and has already been applied successfully.


This process is also used for the presentation and comprehension of functional details of individual mould projects. These individual mould projects shall help us realize completely new concepts for moulds. While doing this, you can easily evaluate with a smaller printed sample if the desired result of the project is feasible. Afterwards, you can show these results to decision makers of investment projects in a demonstrative and realistic way.


Here at BRUNNER, we use our own 3D-printer for the production of geometrically sophisticated devices for automatization projects or for three dimensional patterns for the surface structure of the tooling for chocolate articles. Furthermore, the hole-puncher of the EASYTRUFFLER®- System is printed for the most part from plastic – we provide the printing data for this hole-puncher also as an alternative to the physical version for your own print.


EASYTRUFFLER® hole-puncher, size 1:1 functional part

If you have wishes or own ideas concerning the 3D-print for your mould project, you can always talk with our project managers. With our existing technology, it should be more than possible to provide the produced geometry data for the 3D-print which result from a project.


We would like to recommend to you the participation at the ZDS event „International Congress for Additive Manufacturing and 3D-Food Printing for the Confectionery and Snack Industry" which is going to take place on 19/20 September 2017 in Solingen.


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