New: Brunner BLUEFLEX® system

By introducing the new BLUEFLEX® system, Hans Brunner GmbH offers a physical flexible system, which also provides flexibility in manufacturing.

It is a perfect system to reduce costs for product range expansion. Due to Brunners standard insert-moulds it can also help to safe tooling costs.

Please download the PDF flyer:
Brunner BLUEFLEX® system



  • Flexible ribs in the frame transmit the magnetic force directly to
  • the insert mould. (#1)
  • The flexible system reduces the risk of chocolate breakage. (# 2)
  • Big notches use the maximum available area of the frame. (# 3)
  • Poycarbonate minimizes the risk of frame breakage.
  • The design of the frame allows easy manual and automated opening.
  • The price for the insert moulds is considerably lower than the price for
  • conventional spinning moulds.
  • Cost savings can be realized by using standard moulds or chocolate
  • designs taken from Brunner´s catalogue.





  • The BLUEFLEX - System is ideal for manufacturers who constantly

  • increase their product range of hollow figures. The return on investment

  • for this frame system can be realized soon.

  • For manufacturers who decide for shapes from the Brunner standard

  • assortment it is a favourable opportunity to offer an attractive product

  • range without tooling costs.




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